"It's a love calamity..." (Rockstar Frame)

Band and Album Info: A Milan five piece whose spontaneous approach to songwriting lends their heavy rock style a frenzied energy, Rockstar Frame are a band who is going places. 

"Every man has his own destiny...mine is  -Rock-"

With a sound which follows naturally on from the likes of Guns 'n' Roses and Aerosmith, only with the powerful female vocals of Faith Blurry, they are already turning heads in their home country having won the national 'Rock the Road Contest'. Competing against 70 hand-picked bands from across the country Rockstar Frame came out on top thanks to their killer songs and great live show.

"What is rock? To do the exact opposite opposite of what everybody else does."

Rock’n’Roll Mafia and Bullet for Birthday has been recorded, been and produced by Max Klein at Temple of Rock Studios and Sunfex Studios. Bullet for Birthday contains “Dark Necessities”, cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Rockstar Frame has an origin story like no other: the band was started when founder Max was in coma after falling from cliff. His family played him rock music while he was unconscious, and he woke with the belief that the music helped to bring him back - inspiring him to write his own. From there, the band was formed, and has been growing ever since - only set to get even bigger with the arrival of the new album and the help of a growing fanbase.