"It's a love calamity..." (Rockstar Frame)

Ace Wave

Keyboards and synth


• The Resistence - Muse 
• The 2nd Law - Muse
• A Kind of Magic - Queen 
• Innuendo - Queen
• The Fat of The Land - Prodigy


• Keyboard - Roland Juno Stage


• G. Gershwin
• L.V. Beethoven
• Pendulum
• Prodigy 
• Queen


"Stop doing what you're doing and listen to Rockstar Frame! Now!"


"...embraces the fear and forget the rest..."


"One day the rock will have his revenge..."


"At 13 I casually listened -Rhapsody in Blue- by George Gershwin and decides to do everything to be able to play it sooner or later."


"...an endless road, barefoot in my mind, the important thing is to be free..."