"It's a love calamity..." (Rockstar Frame)

Max Klein

Drums and percussion


• Appetite for Destruction - Guns ’n’ Roses
• Images and Words - Dream Theater
• Rust in Peace - Megadeth
• Slave to the Grind - Skid Row
• Absolution - Muse


• Tama Starclassic Maple
• Cymbals: Paiste, Turkish, Ufip
• Ahead sticks


• Guns ’n’ Roses
• Dream Theater
• Muse


Roxy: "You’re a rockstar!!!!! Would you fuck me?"


"While we were recording "Limitless" I would say to Morris..."Fuck you Morris...you must stop getting wasted before recording!!" And he would answer that was only way he could play. How could he be wrong?"


"What's my opinion on boybands? Fuck off!"


"Every man has his own destiny....mine is -Rock-"


"Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll...I can't say my favourite is."


"I'm often accused of not living by the rules...that not true at all! I always respect the rules...mine!!"