"It's a love calamity..." (Rockstar Frame)

Faith Blurry

Lead vocals


• Appetite for Destruction - Guns'n'Roses
• Get a Grip - Aerosmith
• Private Dancer - Tina Turner
• Tango in The Night - Fleetwood Mac


• Microphone - Rode NT1
• Microphone - Shure Beta58


• Axl Rose
• Janis Joplin
• Tina Turner


"It was only 4/5 years ago that I understood that my vocation was singing and music. Music makes me feel alive, free…"


"I started writing music only in these past 2/3 years, because it was difficult for me to write down all of my agony and thoughts, I used to keep them inside myself.."


"What I want to be? I am a Rockstar!!"



"...when I listened to Janis Joplin the first time, I thought: “Oh my God! Whose is this f*** amazing tormented voice ?"



"...we can be better described by this quote: “We’re in the jungle, baby!” "